we are at the end of an era

i recieved notice the other day that one of the greatest theologians i had even met was retiring. for those of us who attended "drew" were blessed by this person - this person changed many lives, and helped many students see the truth of scripture - this person was the life blood of the school - now, before i go on let me say that it is not len sweet, tom oden or charles rice (though charles is also retiring) - this person is "ms murphy."

leary anna murphy, or "ms murphy" as she was known to all the students who came to know and love her, was one of the guiding lights at drew - from her little office in the basement she guided, helped and supported all the students with the love and grace of a true follower of Christ. i can remember many a time when i needed to talk, a cup of tea of just a friend - and ms murphy was there - drew is losing a great women, a deep spiritual master and someone who effected the lives of more students then any of the profs who graced the halls at drew - on april 29, 2003 drew will become a little less bright, a little less friendly, a little less like home - to you ms murphy, form one student who remembers you with love and peace - i pray you have a great life and remember you changed mine in many ways -

john o'keefe
"punk monkey"
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ok, here's the deal:

camping - fun
hiking - fun
friends - fun
family - fun
sunburnt shaved head - no fun at all

remember, when you shave your head, and you camp - spf50 is a great thing to have - take it from a hairless punk monkey - spf50 rules.



wow, everyone has been great. the emails i have recieved, and the comments on this blog have been wonderful. i am truly blessed to have so many friends - and many i have not met, but know this - i truly love you all. my daughter and i have been dealing with this for three years before it came to ahead - and we felt, and feel, the prayers for all, and we love it. things are getting better - because God is showing us what he want's from us. as we move in God's perfect plan, we move in faith in all we do - and we love it. thank you again, and check back often - i am getting better and better each day - and will soon be back to my insane writing -