a paycheck away

ever hear the news and they talk about millions of americans living one paycheck way from the streets? and you hear the stories you think - no way - impossible - could never happen in america. well, let me assure you of this - the stories are true and it can happen in america. how do i know? because i live one pay check from the streets.

it took every dime i had to help plant a church that is not going to move past where it is (bank accounts are at zero dollars). i lived on savings for three years, praying that God would bless the ministry - but the blessing never came - while the reasons for this are many i think the main reason is me and my lack of hearing God speak - i wanted to do it my way and have learned a very valuable lesson - God is in control and do His bidding. yet, between student loans, bills from the past, and just living - there is nothing let but month at the end of a check - if for any reason i lose my position sub-teaching, i am on the streets - hard fact - hard truth - but very real and very awakening.

so, why am i posting this stuff? for a few reasons - but one of the most important is this - that when you read of a person who is a pay check away from the streets you will know it's truth and you will do what you can to help - get involved in the lives of others - work at the shelters and get connected - and don't look down on the person because you think you are better. another reacon? well, i believe if you are truly going to be "inside the mind of punk monkey" that you be given a inside view - even the ugly stuff.

but the main reason i write this is for prayer - massive prayers. pray that God be involved in all this and that He lift me up. i have been interviewing - like crazy - so pray that a ministry position opens and God leads me to it. pray for that God open the door to my financial problems and that He bless what I have to make it through. keep me and mine in your prayers as we deal with this situtition - we know that God is in control, and we know that God is the lead.




ok - if you are looking for a great op in the pomo/emerg world and are looking for a great place to lear and grow - may i suggest "solition" on septemeber 4-6 in ventura ca - should be a ton of fun - i am going to try my hardest to be ther for it all - besides the op to grow i can spend time with people i have come to know, love and respect - john and stacy, jared and dan kimball (author of "emerging church" - a must read for all thse wondering about the pomo/emerging church mind - and he is the lead pastor at "vintage faith"). if you want to know more - head over to ginkworld.net and hit the link at the bottom of the page -

if i am there i will post the fact that i will be here - if not, i will post that too - it all depeneds on how the interviews are going - who knows, i just might be working in the area - very cool :-) .

besides, i just might be heading to terre haute to pick up mia (the women i will marry) and the kids - now,m that would be very cool :-)



all you need is love :-)



conformed or transformed?

i was talking with a pastor the other day who was complianing about the postmodern/emerging church. his complant was that the pomo/emerg church was simply a church that confomed to the culture, while the modern church seeks to "transform" the cutlure. i, in my kind and easy spirit, disagreed with him.

the modern church sees itself as not being effected by the culture, but the reality is it "is the culture." a great deal of the messages in the church center on being a "good american" instead of a good follower of Christ. the modern church is a image of the american system - we elect elders, we have a "democratic" system of government - we think, being a good Christian means being a good american - never questioning the government. but scripture call us to be transformed - not to be american but to be followers of Christ. the modern church has conformed, the problem is is that it did so 50 years ago, and the world is changing around them - and they just can't get a grip on the transforming part -



i am amazed at how God works in our lives - and i am excited about the possibilities. what i find interesting, is that i see possibilities and others see problems - and that is amazing to me. i know God is doing some powerful stuff in my life - and i know that the blessings are great, and getting greater - but there is fear in all this. as life changes and life grows, i see how good life can be - and how powerful God is in life.

love, faith and peace are all at work in my life - and they are great feelings and great experiences - God is moving and i am open to leting him move in my life -

pray for me and mia (she's the lady God sent into my life) as we seek God's plan for our lives and we see the possibilities for His ministry -



hey all - i am out and about this weekend interviewing up north in sacremento - and i will fill you in on the details over time. i need prayer in this - my life is being blessed by God in many ways and i need prayer. i met a wonderful women who i care for deeply, this opportunity is coming my way - and others also - and i am feeling that God is moving in my life. i need prayer:

pray that this new relationship is of God, by God and through God - she is a wonderful christian women with four great kids - and i believe God is moving in our lives - we both believe He is moving in our lives.

pray that the church God desires me to serve show itself to me. while i know i have certian areas of the country where i want to go - pray that the area i do go is the area where God wants to use me. pray that God open the doors for me, so i can walk in where He wants me to be.