method or message, or both?

which is more important? do you think it is important to change the message? do you think it is important to change the method we deliver the message in?


catching up

i have been lazy in my duties as a blogger - not because i do not like blogging, i do, but because finding the time between life and life gets hard. so, here is a "catch-up" of things i have been planing on blogging about:

two books i wanted to bring to your attention:

living under jacob's ladder by grey mariposa [self published on lulu for $6.25 download and 15.95 paperback]. this is a must read for all who like poetry. "grey" has been publishing work on ginkworld and the ooze for awhile and has always been shown to be a writer who can capture the emotion of the moment - this is a must add to your library.

out of the ooze, unlikely love letters to the church from beyond the pew: this book is great mix of voices and one designed to open the eyes of the church - if that is possible. it is a collection of some articles from the ooze [i have on in the books also], ones that truly expressed a deep love and a desire for change in the church. over the next few weeks we will be developing a blog for the contributors to the book and open a great deal of conversation.

I already mentioned the community blog that will be developed from the book "out of the ooze" so it seems silly to mention it again [even though i just mentioned it again] - but did i mention the new "ministry position" section on ginkworld? well, let me plug that:

if you are looking for a person for an emerging church, or you are looking for a position in the emerging church, just head over to the new ministry position section of ginkworld and either add your position of check to see what is there.

well, i think that's all i have to say right now :) i will be posting again this week and diving into some ideas that have been floating around in the back of my mind - so they will either be scary or silly - no telling.