i have been thinking a great deal over these past few days about the concept of "sacraments." traditionally the RC has had 7, and the reformers cut it to 2, but i have been wondering if they got it wrong? now, i will admit i am in the process of writing an art on the subject - so, i don't want to get too deep - my plan is to have it published on ::seven:: with a reprint on ginkworld - i have posed the question on the "postmodern_theology" tahoo egroup (which i think everyone should join) and i am waiting for the easter weekend to get over so others can post a answer - or an opinion at best. you can email me what you think a "sacrament" is, and how we define it in the church - and how we should, or if we should, change that defination - i's playing with the concept - and i do have some interesting ideas that will be posted soon - so keep checking back. got to go now - later - pm


ok, here's the deal. this is all new to me, and i am working without opposable thumbs. so, given my limited ability to spell, my small brain size, fleas, diapers, and hair - this stuff can get hard. but i will committe to posting at least once every other day - and maybe as many times as three times a day - it's hard to tell. i got to thinking the other day - yes, this is off task, but if you truly desire to know inside my mind, you will need to remember that i have a hard time staying on task - excpet when it deals with grooming and fruit. there's just something about grooming fruit that makes my little little monkey heart pound - oh, yea - let me get back to what i was saying before i so rudly stopped myself - i got to thinking the other day. why, and i know there is an answer, why......i lost my train of thought. maybe i will get it back later - i'll try again soon. PM


i have had an interesting week. a church eamiled me and asked if i would answer five questions. i did, and then got my ass kicked for doing so - it seems i did not mention "christ" enough in my answers. this made me a "beast" (i tried to explain that being a punk monkey - i was a beast - but no go). it seems that if you replace the word "God" with the word "christ" - you are not a "true christian." anyway, i emailed them back, basicly thnaking them for the opportunity to answer and then left it at that - then i get another email explaining that my soul was in trouble because i did not understand the "true nature of jesus christ and all he could do with me" - great, now i'm damed because i see jesus as the son of God, God on earth - but because i do not use the term "christ" in an email, and me without opposable thumbs.

by the way. i figured out the problem i was having with this blog - it seems you need to hit "post" to get it published - go figure, my bad. - pm


i spent the better part of the past month redesinging ginkworld.net and finally got it up and running - i like it. let me know what you think about our look -


no sooner did i post the last post, then - bang, "we have blog" - and it looks good. my prayer is to add a team of people who will add to this little blog over time - who knows who! this blog is fluid in the time space reality of a postmodern generation - pretty fancy garbage just to say, i reserve the right to change my mind as i see fit.

here we are at day three and no blog up and running. i thought this would be fun, and maybe when it is up and running it will be, but right now it's like a ball rash. i'll keep checking to seek if anyhting gets up and running - in time, in time. one wonders - is tech truly worth the highs and lows? one minute your surfing at worp speeds, and the next you can even get your blog up - oh, the humanity; oh, the humanity.


well, we have been up for a few days, and it's slow going. there seems to be a posting snap with blog, but this is too cool to pass up - so i stroke with it and update as i can. this is soon turning into a rambling of my mind - which is not a very good place to find order - and that will be very cool. as you read these they will seem disjointed and unconnected - that's just my mind working the way God made it - so deal with it.


well, following the lead of many others (jordon cooper, karen ward) we have deveoped a blog - we will use it to post random thoughts and off the wall stuff - and to let people know what's happening in this crazy world we call - "ginkworld."