i love this site - small voices - i got turned on to it when karen ward took the hit on the 7q on ginkworld.net. if you are looking for more - you need to check these people out - thaey are great -


i got my "voters guide" for nevada today - and am i ever glad i did. as i was reading it i was amazed. did you know that everyone who is worth voting for is an "(R)?" human, oh human. as a punk monkey i sure am glad higher primates have taken the time to grade people we need to vote for - makes me proud to me an usamerican - all this, slugs, bananas and flea - ya gota love it here.


i wonder - if you have big fingers, can you pick your nose? why it it that over-weight men who have too much to drink think they can dance? why do over-weight drunk women think that over-weight drunk men look sexy dancing? why did they place a starbucks across the plaza from a topless shop on fremont in vegas? isn't it amazing that it's the simple things in life that keep us guessing?

i spent the evening walking up and down fremont street in vegas. it's been a while, but it was fun. it's a people thing: watching some guy hit a $10,000 pay out on a dollar slot, while a women stands outside asking for money to feed her child. as i walked around, i was depressed by the faceless people, lonly, hurting, out of connected people who were walking the streets - not all homeless, not all poor - but all without love. then i started to think - it is the same with all areas of our cities, and burbs - oh, yes - it's even in the burbs. go to a walmart and watch the people - then ask yourself this question and wonder - where is the church in all thins?


we have a new message board at ginkworld.net - and i think it rocks. i have to thank kevin hartwig, pastor at the sakamuyo network for his great effort in putting it in play - as kevin shared with me - "no more pop-up ads" - see, we are blessed -


ok, now i am mad! at least as mad as a punk monkey can be over how stupid and greedy humans can be. i have come to the conclusion that baseball, major and minor (minor only because they are actually owned by the greedy major leauge teams), is no longer on my dance card. i, from this day on, refuse to buy anthing to do with pro-ball; i refuse to watch the games, follow the players, or anything else that will cause me to give any money to any owner or player of any team - it's a bummer, because i loved baseball. it took time for me to get over the last strike, but i did - but this time, i will not. even though the "strike" is not on - the fact that they called a strike for 08.30.02 is enough for me to say - enough is enough, greed is wrong and both sides have shown their greed -

my God people, it's a stupid game. grown men hitting a ball, and running sfter each other playing tag - it's a game! but like anything involving human greed, it has become business (sounds like the church) and i am tired of all the garbage. as for me and my dollar, we will be spending weekends at the park watching the local kids get up a spot game and play the GAME for the love of the GAME, and not because they dream of being fat, greedy, drug taking baseball players - imho


i was watching connie chung, on cnn, the other day. she had dr. panos zanos, phd. on her show. the good doctor is planning to clone a human, all for his pride - when asked by the reporter doing the back story about possible risks facing the birth, side effects and birth defects, (the reporter asked, "what about the risks? birth defects, early death, and so much more?") the doctor replied, "there are always risks involved in new things, and i am willing to take those risks; i am willing to face the risks and face the future." well isn't that special, given the fact that the good doctor faces no risks at all - the child faces them all. what does it matter to the good doctor if the child is born with major problems, or even dies at birth, it will have no effect on the doctor's life. the doctor faces no risks at all. that to me seems to be the biggest problem with science and "good" doctors. the face no risk, all the risk is on the part of those they play games with.


i just found the coolest blog ever - "don't link to us" - what they do is find companies that have stupid policies about linking to them; or do not want other sites to link to them, then they link to them. i love it, how punk monkey can you get? i only wish i would have thought of it first.


this is just too cool - wendy cooper has put forth the bench mark for us all to follow with her "recipes on line" - this is so cool i love it. i can't wait to check back for the "curry" section. the new england seafood chowder looks great and will soon be on this punk monkey's table - thanks wendy for compiling a great list - wow.


ok. i have tried to say clear of this whole clergy and child sex thing, but i just can't any more. when the pope refuses to meet with victims, and the bishops back step on their "stance" and the church calls those who leave, or refuse to give money. "sinners." this is all just too stupid for me and my mind - all right, i may be thinking simplistic; i might just be too dumb to get the bigger picture, but come on man, get a grip. adult males sexually abused children - children - not "short adults" - children. grown men, sick grown men, evil sick grown men took little boys and had sex with them - that is sick and twisted. grown men stood naked before naked little boys (and girls) and had sex with them. i know this is not my normal kind of listing - but my God people - we have to speak-up and stop this from happening.

this may sound harsh, but i do not care how many "nice and kind" preists and clergy are out there - that's an old switch game the church likes to play - let's not talk about the "bad" ones, because it could harm the "good" ones - well, if they are so darn good why are they not screaming at the top og their lungs to the world and saying "get these sick creeps." as for this clergy, i am ssaying right here and right now - if you you have sex with a child, boy or girl, count your days - because you just put a mill-stone around your neck.


there is was, sitting in the back yard, minding my own business (taping the activities of the people that live next door - a hang-on from my days as a us senator) when out of the blue i noticed a strange design in the grass on the side lawn - could it be? i wondered, then took it upon myself to examine this "strange happening." the design was simple, a single circle. the grass was bent over, and lighter in color then all the other grass in the area. for over an hour, i looked and examine the area - i clipped sample for study and took photos. as a punk monkey, my ability to move about town is limited (health codes) .

as i was on my belly, trying to determine the exact angle of the bend, i started to get memory flash backs to the night before - and i felt that answers would soon be coming. then, as if i was hit on the head with a small snow-blower, is all came back to me. that spot, that very spot, it the place where i kept my garbage can for the past two months. oh, well - maybe next time.


well, the "food police" want to tell us what we should and should not eat - someone aught to tell the "food police" we live in a lawless society, and we will eat what we wish -


corporate accounting 101 - 1 + 1 = 2.5 million

Corporate definations:
stockholders equity: that which is used to build large house for the executives of the corporation.