i wonder - if you have big fingers, can you pick your nose? why it it that over-weight men who have too much to drink think they can dance? why do over-weight drunk women think that over-weight drunk men look sexy dancing? why did they place a starbucks across the plaza from a topless shop on fremont in vegas? isn't it amazing that it's the simple things in life that keep us guessing?

i spent the evening walking up and down fremont street in vegas. it's been a while, but it was fun. it's a people thing: watching some guy hit a $10,000 pay out on a dollar slot, while a women stands outside asking for money to feed her child. as i walked around, i was depressed by the faceless people, lonly, hurting, out of connected people who were walking the streets - not all homeless, not all poor - but all without love. then i started to think - it is the same with all areas of our cities, and burbs - oh, yes - it's even in the burbs. go to a walmart and watch the people - then ask yourself this question and wonder - where is the church in all thins?

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