ok, i'm ready. i'm packed, stoked and ready to roll - i will be leaving las vegas ( maybe i'll write a movie with that title) on thursday morning and heading to the "sac" area - this should be exciting. as i get ready to start a new position as "pastor of student ministries" at harbor community church in folsom i and very excited - and let me share with you why:

first, i feel God is leading me to the area. it's a great place and i feel "good" in the city - very connected and very comfy. second, the people are great - no, i mean these people are wonderful - loving, kind, open, willing - very cool people - all of them. glen and pamela are great people (lead pastor and his wife) and eveny member of the leadership team. i spent a long weekend at a great little "b&b" in georgetown with all of them, and i loved every minute. third, the op for ministry in the area is killer - very little going one except a few "youth groups" that gather. the area is wide open. and lastly, the lady of my dreams :D - life is good, and God is wonderful :)

well, i will go and be off line for a short while - but i will blog as i can - and i can do that all the time from any computer - i love tech. i will be posting as time allows -



i have come to the conclusion that packing sucks! no matter how you slice it, packing sucks. as i am packing all my stuff i realized that 90% od what i own is garbage; book i purchased and never read (and never will read); computer programs that are 32 bit and will never run on my system; cds from artists i have never heard of, in a style of music i never listen too; videos of things that i thought were cool at the time, but now realize just how jerky they are. garbage - more garbage then actual stuff. i even found a pair os pants i had when i was 400lbs - go figure; shirts i never wear, shows that don't fit, pants with holes and stains - garbage. i am amazed at the garbage we collect in life - and the garbage we keep and drag around with us.

as i start this section of my life over and i seek to rid myself of all the garbage of the past i find moving and packing to be a rather healing experience. i am tossing out "stuff" that is holding me back - and deciding that i do not desire to pick stuff that will holed me back - of stop me from reaching the hieghts God desires of me. so, while packing suck, cleaning out life bagage and garbage is very cool.



so - what do you think of a openly gay bishop?



Ok, here is the deal. I love the idea Spencer, Jordon and Charlie have with getting together as communities and learning from each other. I bought into it “hook, line and sinker;” and, as of this writing over 800 people are connected – listing over 240 cities – that is cool, I love it. Spencer has already had a meeting in his community, and the photos are on line – excellent – I am excited about the possibilities. But here’s my problem (some how you knew I was going to say that) – if this is so important to us a s postmodern/emerging people and we all claim that community (tribe) is a valuable part of out DNA and joining groups like Indie Allie is vital to the conversation – why is there no way to contact people?

Many people join, post a cute and catchy name, but leave no way of contacting them. How can we have community without contact? I am in the process of moving to the Sacramento area (Folsom) and I am excited about the possibilities – yet, as I look over the small group of 6 people, I see that there is no way to contact anyone of them; no link, no email – nothing. How can we build community we are not connected?

Over the past I have not been able to “visit” many of the postmodern/emerging events (unless I am speaking and they help pick-up the tab J). But I have been the biggest support of all events that happen – if I get an email asking for free ad space on ginkworld.net for a pomo/emerg event, I give it – every time, with out exception. I have tried to find out all I can about what happened at different events – and I am so connected it can drive a man crazy. but I think connection is important to building community – so, if your not connected, get there J

Well, if you have an idea – let me know.



a new start

after long prayer and interviews i have selected to take a position as a pastor with harbor community church in folsom california - and it looks great. the position is as "student pastor" - but i will also be working with small groups and preaching every now and then - it's great. i will be heding up to the area in a few weeks for a leadership training - and then i will be moving to the area - keep me in your prayers.

also, i have met a lady - :) so, keep that in your prayers also - God is moving in my life in powerful ways - it's great :)