i have come to the conclusion that packing sucks! no matter how you slice it, packing sucks. as i am packing all my stuff i realized that 90% od what i own is garbage; book i purchased and never read (and never will read); computer programs that are 32 bit and will never run on my system; cds from artists i have never heard of, in a style of music i never listen too; videos of things that i thought were cool at the time, but now realize just how jerky they are. garbage - more garbage then actual stuff. i even found a pair os pants i had when i was 400lbs - go figure; shirts i never wear, shows that don't fit, pants with holes and stains - garbage. i am amazed at the garbage we collect in life - and the garbage we keep and drag around with us.

as i start this section of my life over and i seek to rid myself of all the garbage of the past i find moving and packing to be a rather healing experience. i am tossing out "stuff" that is holding me back - and deciding that i do not desire to pick stuff that will holed me back - of stop me from reaching the hieghts God desires of me. so, while packing suck, cleaning out life bagage and garbage is very cool.


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