elections are getting closer. i have been watching the local races with some interest and have come to the conclusion that "no one is worth voting for." from watching the ads i have determined that (according to the ads they run against each other) all are liars, cheats, want to give us higher taxes, want to cause our children to suffer, waht our elderly to live in the streets, have no heart for the hurting in our area, are concerned with moeny, are greedy executives, want to kill all the little woodland creatures hopping in our woodlands - oh, my God.... none of them is worth voting for.

i was talking with a human friend about this little problem i have been having with this whole "vote for the best person" thing. she told me to "pick the people who was the lesser of the two evils." i can't do that! if i do, i still select evil - whether it is "the lesser" or not. what is a punk monkey to do? i asked her about all the ads, where each side said the other side were out to reck the world. she assured me that both sides lied about the other - what? if both sides lie, and both sides are saying bad things about the others, then both sides are basicly good. but if they were basicly good, why would they knowingly lie about the other side?

my friend told me that while the system is not perfect, it is the best system in the world - i'm not sure i agree.


you all need to check out the blog "postmodern tribe" - this weeks chat was great -



hey - jordon cooper's got a new look - and i like it. now, it's a bit green for me - but it's smooth and got a ton of good stuff.

you can read an interview with johnny baker - check it out.


i love the idea of "organic church" - simple, basic and true to the nature of God.

the biggest set back i can see with this kind of church is that the roll of "pastor" changes from the current model of "paid staff" to "advisor to the community." this will destroy the current concept of seminaries, church denominations and paid elders - oh, wait - that's a good thing, sorry.


ok, look! here's the deal - small fish, big pond - not big fish, small pond. get the picture?


wow - we had the first meeting of the "postmodern tribe" blog and chat - it was great. now, it was small - me and chris - but it was fun getting to know him and what's happening on his side of the planet - the "left coast." well, i hope you join us next sunday at 6:30pm pacific time as we study, talk and get to know each other - the blog is called postmodern tribe, and the chat edress will be on the blog - you will love it and it's a great place to bring a friend - skeptics and seekers can ask questions and get honest answers from people with differing points of view - it will be a real place, with real people, sharing their points of view - i think you and your friends will get a kick out of it - check it out suday.


dude - i just found out that today is "friday the 13th" - man, where have i been? nothing like being "a day late and a dollar short"


there i was, sitting on the steps to my home, eating - well, most humans would be grossed out by it so i won't say - when out of no where came the largest human male i ever saw in my life wearing a "speedo." now, at about 500 pounds (a guess, based on the weight and size of small cars) and with most of it "hanging" off the front and sides, i do not see the need for a speedo. your right, it could be just me - many people may enjoy seeing a man of his "ability" in such an outfit - but then i'm not sure it's just me. as he was walking to the pool children were pointing and parents were pulling their children out of the way - there should be a law about such style. the only reason i call for a law, is that common reality has not taken hold - the larger you are the more cloths you should have on, not less - i'm no "small guy" (6' 2", 230) and i would never violate the space time reality like that - pm


today - 9.11.02 - one year later and the pain and loss is still with us. let us pray for peace and not for a victory in war. let us pray for the families who lost loved ones in this horrid event. let us pray for our enemies who believe their point to be the true point. let us pray for the leaders of all nations not to bring this to a total and complete war of distructions. let us not point fingers, but hold hands. let us see past religion and into the souls of those in this world who are hurting. let us be the bigger of the two and say, "we forgive you and we desire peace with you." let us know that God is real and in His time and space all will be right. let us wave our flags but not burn the flags of others. let us keep our hearts open and never close them to others. let us work for peace and not run from it. let us stand for peace, love and grace, even when it's hard to do so. let us remember that jesus taught us to love, to forgive and forget and to learn to live with others - even if they do not want to live with us.

blessings this day - pastor john


well, my friend iggie did it again - number 4 of "the 15 qualities of a postmodern apostle" is up and looks good. you need to check ot out - just think if all who claim christ would have a passion for culture, people groups and regions - man the world could change.


well, at ginkworld.net we will be launching a new "blog/chat/im style internet church" called "postmodern tribe" that will explore church at a new level - a weekly message and feed back to that message from anyone who wants to jump in and "talk." if you are game, it should be rolling on 9.15.02 - and i will keep all my friends on seven posted as we move along - it could be big, or it could be a flop - either way, it's all in God's hands. i have no idea how it will go, and i have no idea what form it will take in the comming months - all i know is it should be very cool and very fluid - pastor john

well, it's been five days from my last post - and church people still suck! let me share with you thins little story:

my wife use to work at the local christian bookstore - untill this week - last week a pastor came in durring a big "everthing in the store 25% off" sale. my wife told him that in connection with his "pastors discount" he could save a great deal of money - he was excited. he came to the front with a bunch of stuff, all church supplies. my wife explained that the pastors discount could only be used for personal items and not church supplies - which has always been the case - but the pastor refused to accept it and started to insult my wife (i was not there, or there would be one less pastor in the world). my wife said that she could not give him the pastors discount on church supplies or she could lose her job - to which he replied, "i don't give a shit if you get fired. i wnat the discount you said i could get." then he demaned to see the manager. when the manager came, he gave the pastor - who at this time was even more insulting - the discount on the church supplies. the pastor looked at my wifer and said, "see, this is how you treat people, you give them what they want."

it's no wonder people are leaving the church with pastors like this -



ok, so it's been awhile from my last post - and no i did not fall off the face of the planet - i did have an awakening: chrurch people suck, big time suck. now, notice i did not say "christians" - i said "church people" - you know who they are, there the ones who like to play church and pretend to be people who love and care - only to spit on you and stab you in the back, church people. man, oh man, have i run into many of them this past few weeks, no wait months - no, years - oh heck, i keep running into them and they keep pissing me off. pastors who think their poop don't stink; leaders who believe they can say what they want and act as they like - all in the name of christ. one thing is for certian, i have found more people i like, trust and who care at bars then at churches - no wonder churches are dying and bars are growing - man we need to get real and get changed or this thing we call church will fade away into the night -

i have said it before that the church can close it's doors - it is not protected and it is not the "againt the gates of hell" standing it has been giving - the only thing that can never stand against the gates of hell is the truth that jesus is the christ - the church is fair game.