today - 9.11.02 - one year later and the pain and loss is still with us. let us pray for peace and not for a victory in war. let us pray for the families who lost loved ones in this horrid event. let us pray for our enemies who believe their point to be the true point. let us pray for the leaders of all nations not to bring this to a total and complete war of distructions. let us not point fingers, but hold hands. let us see past religion and into the souls of those in this world who are hurting. let us be the bigger of the two and say, "we forgive you and we desire peace with you." let us know that God is real and in His time and space all will be right. let us wave our flags but not burn the flags of others. let us keep our hearts open and never close them to others. let us work for peace and not run from it. let us stand for peace, love and grace, even when it's hard to do so. let us remember that jesus taught us to love, to forgive and forget and to learn to live with others - even if they do not want to live with us.

blessings this day - pastor john

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