there i was, sitting on the steps to my home, eating - well, most humans would be grossed out by it so i won't say - when out of no where came the largest human male i ever saw in my life wearing a "speedo." now, at about 500 pounds (a guess, based on the weight and size of small cars) and with most of it "hanging" off the front and sides, i do not see the need for a speedo. your right, it could be just me - many people may enjoy seeing a man of his "ability" in such an outfit - but then i'm not sure it's just me. as he was walking to the pool children were pointing and parents were pulling their children out of the way - there should be a law about such style. the only reason i call for a law, is that common reality has not taken hold - the larger you are the more cloths you should have on, not less - i'm no "small guy" (6' 2", 230) and i would never violate the space time reality like that - pm

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