an idea of trust

trust is a very interesting thing. in the modern world you "earn trust" or you "lose trust." trust is not "a given" as the basis of many modern relationships. it seems many people have a natural order to "distrust" others. no matter what is shared, no matter what is "proven" some people just do not trust others - and in many cases they do so without any reasons - as one person once told me, "it is just my nature not to trust."

i am uncomfortable with that idea of life - with the idea that seems to express doubt in the hearts and actions of others. i just do not fit well in that world, a world where doubt and skepticism rule the ideas and words of others. i am just very uncomfortable around people who do not trust others. you see, i think people who do not trust others simply do not trust themselves.

trust is the center of every relationship we have with others. every time we express doubt we lose part of ourselves, we lose a part that we can not get back. for those of us who find trust to be the most important part of human relationships missing parts of who we are simply means we never truly know the person we seem to be.


the blame game

i am not a "political" person; i do not like politics. i mean politics does not impress me and those who run the country do not impress me - but i can tell you, they sure do strive to impress themselves. they see themselves as something important, but the reality is many people see them as "bags of hot air" who have lost connection with the people they are suppose to serve. they forget that we are their bosses and that we determine what is and is not important - and they just seem to miss how it all comes together. they are all out of touch with the people, and they have no idea what to do next it is unfortunate, but the fires in socal are the perfect example.

i have been watching the press over the fire and i have to say, with the exception of our "govenator" i have not been impressed with those who are holding elected office - the left is blaming the right, the right is blaming the left; every one is blaming everyone else - they blame the war, the president, other officials, the environment, the green house effect and much more. they blame and point, and point and blame and never once do they say, "let us not point fingers, let us lift hands" - they are quick to use their fingers to point at others, but they forget that those fingers are connected to hands that can be used to help - so, here is what i would like to see happen -

to all politicians in california [and those outside california who have added their hollow voice to the rampage] - i would like to see you grab an axe and head to the foothills and help put out fires. i would like to see you in a jump suit working at a feeding station and forgo the photo op that would come from it. i would like to see you collecting garbage at the housing centers and the emergency site. i would like to see you reading stories to the children and helping people set-up for a nights sleep.

i would like to see politicians doing something that actually helps, and stop with the lip service. it is one thing to complain about how bad things are, but it is another thing to get dirty actually helping solve the problem. so, when i see politicians sharing their empty words on the tube about how everyone else is to blame all i can think is how hollow they must be inside, because their words are falling upon deaf ears -