it's monday, and we are all excited about the possibilities - yea, right! mondays bite the big dog. come on, you wanted to say that, but because "your christian" you felt you could not - you had to be happy all the time - bull snap. there is not rule, writen or unwriten (for all your bible legal freaks), that says we have to be happy about mondays - none. if i had a vote, i would have god get rid of mondays - there i said it. no more mondays - but then tuesday would be the forst day of the week, and we would feel the same about tuesday and we do monday - ok, no more tuesday either! then wensday would be "day one." - ok, no more wensdays either - this could go on for a while.

i guess monday is not that bad. i mean it could be worse - everyday could be monday, but as it stands right now, we only get it once a week - not a bad deal. i wonder, why are we never happy with what god gives us, and we - if our primate way - believe we can make it better? after all, if we can even fix the monday thing, what makes us think we can solve the problems all over the world? just some wonderings - pm.


well, i'm back and ready to move on. it was hard, and still is, but i believe life goes on - so i go on. how is everyone? how's the wife? the kids? the hubby? are things going great, or what? me, things are moveing along. i would have thought when i strarted this thing that i had more to say - but as you can tell, this is rambling - just plain "fill the page with ramdon thoughts" and pray no one notices - you haven't noticed, have you? i hope not - it's just me, a dark room, a key board and too much time on my hands - at least i hope that is "tyme on my hands" - it's hard for me to tell one spice from another - well, i think i rambled enough - untill next ramble - remember, life is a connection of rambles. sometimes we see them as good, sometimes bad - but all the time we need to see them as "life" - because we are called to live our life by christ - not judge the way others live theirs. - on the peaceful side of life, punk monkey


it's been a while between posts, and i am sorry - but punk monkey is not feeling very punk this week. the punkster is missing a friend, someone he had given a great amount of emotion to in the past, and he is gone - and it hurts. punk monkey has a daughter, and she broke-up with a long time boyfriend this week end - and i feel as if i lost a son. to experience this brake-up has been hard, but in the long run it is the right thing - or so i keep telling myself. i am sorry if this seems to "personal" for some - but hey, this is my blog and i'll cry if i want to - i will miss him, but i know they will not be friends after this weekend.

i have never been through a divorce. if it is anything like this - anything, then i know the pain - it hurts, and i did not think it would until today. i wake-uop and realize that the world is a little different, a little empty, a little more confusing - but then i remeber that i have a daughter, and the break-up is the best thing that could have happened - or so i keep telling myself. - pm


ever wonder why lint collects in the belly button? i have, and i just don't get it. life is filled with these questions - it's hard to be a punk monkey in a conservative human world. i tend to think different - ok, i tend to think very different. i question everything, everything - nothing is off limits for my questions - i question God, jesus, faith, church, family - everything. i think it's important to have questions and to seek answer - if not, you become a mindless robot seeking to know nothing, and accept everything "just because." so, i say - question. question life, question friends, question family, question church, question God, question jesus - if, for example, you question a pastor on "church" and they make something up - you have your answer. people who get questioned, should have the answers - if not, don't make them up - so, ever wonder why lint collects in the belly button? i have, and i just don't get it.


a postmodern defination:

angst - a special form of anxiety or emotion that reveals the human condition; the unsettling freedom that accompanies self-awareness of reality.

in real life: this is when i fight the desire to shave my body, and get that "funny feeling" in the pit of my belly - and i did not eat bugs.


well, the weekend came and went without any real big news. i got over the temptation of shaving my body, and i cut back on bananas. it was a quite, and uneventful weekend - the kind i find BORING - i need "out-time" - a time to get out and meet people, or other primates - a time to connect with those who are hurting, those confused by life - as much as i can be at times. yes, i need "out-time."

i think too many christians live in the "in-times" - they fear connecting with others - they are unwilling to get connected. for some reason they have been sold this bill of goods that says, "if you get to friendly with non-christians they will cause you to fall." - not realizing that we MUST make honest friendships with those outside the church. they have been told by their pastors that too much exposure to "sin" will cause them to loss what they can not loss - salvation. for many pastors, it's a control factor - they need to feel "they" have all the answers. when pastors tell us we "must not fellowship with non-believers" they lie - flat out and bold face - they are misleading us into not sharing our faith with others - because we can not get to know people.

today, people will accept community before they accept christ - and pastors who are telling you not to "build community" are not sharing a God realized message - they are filling you with "non-christian" teachings. i remember when i because a punk monkey, i went to the jungle to "get connected" to my roots. i soon found myself with a group of primates who truly cared for one another. one day, a strange punk monkey fell into the river and was about to become lunch. one of the members of my new family jumped in the water and saved the stranger. the stranger thanked him and went on his way. i looked at the punk monkey and asked why he risked his life to save another. he said, "my life is safe, and we must risk all we have to help others find safety." after all, how can you rescue a person from drowning if you don't jump in the water? – pm


another day, another $0.25 - i got a raise. with all the crap going down in the middle east, it makes me wonder - and maybe you can help me with this:

if humans are so smart, why do they act so stupid?
if God is a God of peace, why humans seek war?
if God is a God of love, why do humans seek hate?
if God is a God of forgiveness, they do humans hold on to the pain?
if humans claim to follow, and believe in, God, why are they walking away from His teachings?

as a punk monkey i have been watching this whole "middle east crisis" and i just think the whole thing is just stupid. why kill each other over land? as i watch, i see the childishness of the whole thing - "he took my ball! - no, you took my ball first." (grow-up) yet i have seen no single human, no single human, step to the plate and say this whole this is just stupid - so it takes a punk monkey. all i see are diplomats talking garbage and demanding that people "pull-out" - what i think these human leaders need is a good spanking - someone needs to pull down their pants and smack them all with a wooden-spoon in front of all their friends. here is what i think, as a punk monkey, needs to be done -

1. take away all their toys.
2. send them to bed without dinner - and no ice cream for any of them.
3. spank them in front of their friends.
4. ground them for a least a year, and no tv
5. put them each in a room with the mothers of murdered teens from the other side
6. take away their car keys - no driving for you mister leader.
7. they all need to stand before the class and say they are sorry for all they did.
8. they need to write a three page paper telling us about three people who died from the other side (a page is front and back)

while these may seem childish - remember, so are their actions.

what i think would work with humans is this - each side can select 10 mothers who have lost children in the fighting. these mothers can come together and find a way to peace. the only problem i see with this plan is that the big bad human males will not allow it, because it takes their joy of killing away and puts the control in the hands of moms. - pm


another wonderful day here in Vegas - sun is shining, it's about 80 something and the bike is ready to run - the open road, the wind in my hair - i do wear a head gear, but i am a monkey, i have hair all over my body (and no, i do not ride nude - at least not all the time.) . the pool is open at the complex, and the water is warm enough to jump in. over the weekend i spent time at the pool, while others burn or tan, my hair gets lighter - i "go blond." so it will begin, the "punk monkey blond jokes" - like "how many blond punk monkies does it take to screw in a light bulb? - none, they never notice the lights out." my personl fav, "how do you get 50 blond punk monkies into a vw bug? - toss in a banana." "how do you get then out? - toss in a bar of soap." yes, it is now open season on the blond punk monkey jokes - but they can be very funny - if you have one, send it to me and we will post them - punk_monkey@ginkworld.net - pm


alright - we have email. i love the ability of tech to keep us in contact with each other, but i hate the fact that it breaks down sometimes - oh, the primanity of it all. anyway, we have email up and running, we are progressing in the war and we lost the gold in hockey - does anyone but me see the signs of the end-times? it's a hard road to how - or is that "row to how?" farming metaphors get me confused - the last time this city monkey was on a farm, he was smacked in the face with millions of flies and smells he would wish on no one. - well, off to the wonderful world of "jazz hands" - pm


here we gos again - i am still having problems with my email - this time it's the company we use to host of email community, it's down. if it's not one thing, it's another - what's a poo punk monkey to do?


just changed the look of the blog - hope you like

vent, vent, vent - - well, another tech problem - we switched hosting companies and we are hitting a bit of a wall on the email at ginkworld.net - but we think our new hosting company ( www.lasvegaswebhosting.com ) is on the case and getting it fixed. it's a code thing (some MX code thingy needs to be switched to some thingy or another - i'm a punk monkey, not a tech guy - but the owner of the new hosting company is a great guy, and we think he is right on top of it all - what we see taking just a few more hours whould have taken days with our old company (core.com - voyager.com).

i am going to my room and eat a large bowl of fruit (not the bowl, just the fruit) and pick fleas off my body untill all this is fixed - "on, the primate of it all"