it's monday, and we are all excited about the possibilities - yea, right! mondays bite the big dog. come on, you wanted to say that, but because "your christian" you felt you could not - you had to be happy all the time - bull snap. there is not rule, writen or unwriten (for all your bible legal freaks), that says we have to be happy about mondays - none. if i had a vote, i would have god get rid of mondays - there i said it. no more mondays - but then tuesday would be the forst day of the week, and we would feel the same about tuesday and we do monday - ok, no more tuesday either! then wensday would be "day one." - ok, no more wensdays either - this could go on for a while.

i guess monday is not that bad. i mean it could be worse - everyday could be monday, but as it stands right now, we only get it once a week - not a bad deal. i wonder, why are we never happy with what god gives us, and we - if our primate way - believe we can make it better? after all, if we can even fix the monday thing, what makes us think we can solve the problems all over the world? just some wonderings - pm.

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