i was thinking the other day - i know, that's not wise - but!!! - did you every intend to do things one way, and found you have to do it another? now, i'm not talking about communal grooming (though that could fit), i'm talking about "life stuff." for example - bloggs. i love this little thing, but i wonder if my mind works fast enough to post daily? i wonder if my life is full enough to post daily? i wonder - OH, MY GOD - i am sitting at my computer, typing away, when this hugh - i mean 500 pounder with legs - guy in a speedo just walked into the pool - i am going blind, my hair is falling out - my stomic is twisting in knots. why it that humans, mostly those who are the size of small cars, feel the need to show all that skin? i lost my train of thought (i lost my lunch) - i know what i will do, see God works - he sent shamu into the pool area to teach me a lesson, and to bring bact to my mind my desire to log (or blogg) the human condition - yes, i will be sharing with you a primates view of the world - this way, you can truly be in the mind of punk monkey - pm

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