in our egroup, postmodern theology, we have been discussing "ownership" of material you create yourself - writings. what i have found most interesting is that the people that "steal" the most call themselves "chriustian" and "do it for God." this leads to some very interesting questions:

if it is ok to steal for God - is it ok to kill for God?
if, as a christian organization, it is all right to steal - is it all right to cheat on your taxes?
if, as a christian organization, it is not "stealing" because "we need it" - is it "stealing" when a crack-addict needs your tv?
if it is not stealing because you are using the material for "good." - is it alright then to "take" what we need from your office, if our organization is doing the "better" good?

i wonder sometime haw humans think - if it is wrong to take what is not yours - it is wrong. i wonder why humans believe they can do what they want, take what they will and do it all because they are doing it for God - think about it. - pm -

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