the chair:

i was sitting in a chair
i was sitting in a chair
i was sitting in a chair
i got up -

i am not sitting in a chair
i am not sitting in a chair
i am not sitting in a chair
i sat down



i love reality tv - well, actually it's not that "reality" and it's pretty bad tv - but hey, it beats reruns of star trek and "dead zone" - but out of all the reality tv that is out there to pick from - i just can't seem to get into "the osbournes." i have friends who love this show and think it's the coolest thing out there - but there is something about a aging rockstart who has a hard time talking because of past chemical "treatments" that simply drives me crazy. besides, i lived dysfunction i don't need to watch it - but i tried, t i truly tried. but have no fear - joe millionaire is coming in a very close second (and on the anti-moral scale it's kicking obsournes but - as if beating an aging rockstart is hard). i have a hard time with the fact that some clown is telling a group of women that he is a millionaire and they are falling all over themselves to win this man's money (affections). but i wonder, does this say much about the stars, the women, the producers, the tv networks or us as a viewing public? all!

the reality of reality tv is this - you watch it. you talk about it, you put examples in sermons, you use video for illistrations - you know you do - american idal, joe millionaire, the osbournes, the bachelorette, high school reunion, star search, surreal life, and the grand daddy of them all - suvivor (which in my view is getting old). if we did not sit in front of the boob-tube all evenings watching these silly shows - where we know there is no "reality" in the bunch, thye would be over in no time -

they need to create a new reality tv show called "the o'keefe's" and base it on my life - that would be true reality. you could get to watch me change the tv stations, wash the car (not often enough for the wife's tastes), clean the ferret cage (actually, you would wacth the wife clean the cage and me take the credit for it) and feed leftovers to the rats - man, that would be kicking tv.



here's the deal - we were apporaced by a national new agency to have tests done on the cole rat - but it got away. we are uncertian how this happened, and we are making every effort to find the clone - but there is no telling on a time frame for this to happen. we have released the hounds and we are using dna testing to accomplish this task. we have asked the federal goverment for some $10,000,000 to help in this massive "rat-hunt." we will be using the funds, with no promise of sucess, to fund this massive undertaking - to pay the wages of all thos who are working, to invest in next level tech and to use in funding an educational program to teach the public of the dangers of cloned rats.

yes, we have come to the realization that we have over-stepped the bounds of human nature. given our past experiences with lab rats and chemical mistakes (remember i was once a lab rat, but because of a horriable chemical spil i became a u.s. senator - who then changed into a punk monkey) we have learned a great deal. our hope is that we retain this lab rat before it becomes an elected official - and man would that screw things up big time.



i ranted this on ::seven:: so i am reposting it here - because it's always safer to rant at home.

i've been wondering today - how does one see God through all the crap? no, i'm not talking about "life problems" - i'm talking about the politics, the gossip, the mean spirited, the crap - the crap that fills our churches and turns them into toilets - i have had enough of the "we're only human" argument. too many of us discount our "sinful" nature and just live with it - yet we are "transformed" by a relationship with jesus - well, if transforming is simply seen as "wet humans" - count me out. my relationship with jesus changed my heart - i see no need for war, i find it hurtful when people insult others, i think it is wrong to make people second class based on gender or color, i hate the taking of all human life, i am hurt by those who think christianity is simply a country club that you go to once a week - and then cheat the plate for the dues. i am appauled at the "indifference" (which is the opposite of love) to the problems of this world, and fid it easy to simply write a check to solve the problem - you know, check 1034 dinner at Poa, check 1035 "church," check 1036 hair dresser - let's stop talking and start doing -

john -

Theo-Clone Update:

it is after a lot of pressure from the media (actually the paperboy said he wanted to see them) that we now unvail the pictures of our rat clones.

see, they look alike -




next question please


christians being ripped-off:

my friend andrew careaga emailed me to check out his blog and see what i thought about the problem he is having. it seems that he is running into a bit of a problem with his publisher - check out his site for more info. andrew is a great guy with a great christian heart - maybe mr. anthony needs to know that the way he treats people - check out andrew's words for the details -


“where theology meets science”

that’s right, I’m jumping on board the cloning craze. So, it is with pride that I announce today that the scientists at the cloning arm of ginkworld.net “theo-clone” has successfully cloned a rat. Now, we need to make it clear, we will not make the daughter/self available for DNA testing, because of the religious beliefs of the parent/self. They believe that taking of blood violates their God created bodies, and they will not allow their blood to be used in “immoral scientific” testing.

We are proud of this fantastic human achievement. We at theo-clone have been beaming with the pride of a million fathers (mothers, brothers, sisters and second cousins). This is a red-letter day where we have moved to the realization that cloning is possible – over the next few weeks, we will be releasing photos of “spitfire” the first cloned rat. Our future cloning experiments will include the following:

Gold fish
Fruit flies
Frogs (tad-poles)

If you desire to have a small useless animal cloned, let us know – for the fee of $100,000.00 we will be happy to help



mel returns to thunderdom

i got an email article from a good friend, iggie, and it was all about mel gibson being under pressure because he is making a movie about jesus. when i read the story, i was upset that people would give him such a hard time for his faith - then i realized, we all will be given a hard time for our faith. besides, it seems kind of silly that an actor who is making a movie about the death and suffering of jesus christ would complain about some bad press - but then that could just be me.



those evil tats:

i remember when i was getting my undergrad in business i needed to take an “economic statistic class.” the class was cool, and the ideas i got from the class are still with me today. One of those talents was to see what is a “cause and effect” – and not a “effect and effect” when it comes to those silly "stat studies." let me explain:

one of the studies we looked at was the correlation between ice cream and crime. it was statistically proven that, as ice cream sales increased, as the crime rate rose – proof, a direct correlation between ice cream and crime. so, the natural conclusion was to outlaw ice cream. after all, if ice cream were taken out of the picture crime would naturally decrease. the problem with logic is that the relationship between ice cream sales and crime is an “effect/effect” relationship – the cause, heat. hot summer days – as the days got hotter both the sales of ice cream and the incidents of crime went up – they were the “effects” of the “cause” hot summer days.

well, as i was going through my day I came across a very interesting article concerning tattoos and adolescent high-risk behavior; "tattooing and high-risk behavior in adolescents" by timothy a. roberts, md and sheryl a. ryan, md, published in PEDIATRICS vol. 110 No. 6 december 2002, pp. 1058-1063 (link). the most interesting part of the entire article is there “effect/effect” conclusion:

“Conclusion. Permanent tattoos are strongly associated with high-risk behaviors among adolescents. In the clinical setting, the presence of a tattoo noted during clinical examination of an adolescent should prompt in-depth assessment for a variety of high-risk behaviors.”

Interesting, they see a tattoo as an “effect” of and “effect” – “high-risk behavior.” And the biggest problem is that many churches – I know of several – who have used this study to be “proof” that tattooing causes “juvenile delinquents.” Yet, as the study indicated, only 4.5% of the over 6,000 youth studied had a permanent tattoo – so, how can anyone come to the conclusion that a tattoo is bad, and can lead to “high-risk behavior?” Or, even that a tattoo is a “sign” of “high-risk behavior?” I know, let’s get rid of that evil ice cream, and the world will be safe again.



things learned:

i took this first week in January to figure out what I learned in 2002 – because life is a learning process, so this is important stuff:

1. when a modern evangelical want to share with you’re their religious views, they do not what you to share yours with them.
2. press the “release” BEFORE trying to close a pocket knife.
3. the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, but gossip is ripping down walls left and right.
4. never ask a women is she is pregnant, unless you see the baby coming out.
5. the main reason for the fall of any given civilization is “meetings”
6. the longer I am married, the deeper in love with my wife I am.

see, education is a continues process – pax


i got an email from a friend today who thought i would get a kick out of this:

a baptist church in casper wyoming, "platte valley baptist church," is looking for a pastor. they discribe themselves as "fundermentalist, conservative, irrerancy if bible, kjv only." now, on the surface, no big deal - not my cup of tea, but hey it's their church right? anyway, the kick comes in when my friend tries to vist their site - www.ifbweb.com/pvbc/ - only to get the following message:

You don't have permission to access /pvbc/ on this server.

i wonder, does the same sign hang on the church door?



billboards that did not make the cut

from dribbleglass.com

for all my canadian friends - what do you think?

for thos who are having a proble with the phone company

this would have work on new years - when i needed sleep - at 4:30 am

speaks volumes for our commercial "drive."

any questions?

there are more, and they will be posted over time - but these were some of my favs -


a new drive:

well, today proved to be a great experience - some new blood got hook into praxis and it looks like we will refocusing on a launch in the middle of march - i am excited about the possibility - and i have not been excited about this for a while, and it feels good - the music is getting tight - and it looks like God is moving in the winds.



a kick -

happy new year to all - it was a blast to be in vegas for new years. over 300,000 people having a great time and zero violance. in fact, and it speaks volumes, the only people that seemed to want to argue or "fight" were the fundermentalists christians who were out with signs telling eveyone they would fry in hell (photos will be posted when the film is developed) - what a great time and what a wonderful experience - to bring the new year in with the women i love (my wife) and a group of friends - life does not get any better the this -


ps - if you look back at the posting on 12/26/02 the pick is finally up - it looks scary.