here's the deal - we were apporaced by a national new agency to have tests done on the cole rat - but it got away. we are uncertian how this happened, and we are making every effort to find the clone - but there is no telling on a time frame for this to happen. we have released the hounds and we are using dna testing to accomplish this task. we have asked the federal goverment for some $10,000,000 to help in this massive "rat-hunt." we will be using the funds, with no promise of sucess, to fund this massive undertaking - to pay the wages of all thos who are working, to invest in next level tech and to use in funding an educational program to teach the public of the dangers of cloned rats.

yes, we have come to the realization that we have over-stepped the bounds of human nature. given our past experiences with lab rats and chemical mistakes (remember i was once a lab rat, but because of a horriable chemical spil i became a u.s. senator - who then changed into a punk monkey) we have learned a great deal. our hope is that we retain this lab rat before it becomes an elected official - and man would that screw things up big time.


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