i love reality tv - well, actually it's not that "reality" and it's pretty bad tv - but hey, it beats reruns of star trek and "dead zone" - but out of all the reality tv that is out there to pick from - i just can't seem to get into "the osbournes." i have friends who love this show and think it's the coolest thing out there - but there is something about a aging rockstart who has a hard time talking because of past chemical "treatments" that simply drives me crazy. besides, i lived dysfunction i don't need to watch it - but i tried, t i truly tried. but have no fear - joe millionaire is coming in a very close second (and on the anti-moral scale it's kicking obsournes but - as if beating an aging rockstart is hard). i have a hard time with the fact that some clown is telling a group of women that he is a millionaire and they are falling all over themselves to win this man's money (affections). but i wonder, does this say much about the stars, the women, the producers, the tv networks or us as a viewing public? all!

the reality of reality tv is this - you watch it. you talk about it, you put examples in sermons, you use video for illistrations - you know you do - american idal, joe millionaire, the osbournes, the bachelorette, high school reunion, star search, surreal life, and the grand daddy of them all - suvivor (which in my view is getting old). if we did not sit in front of the boob-tube all evenings watching these silly shows - where we know there is no "reality" in the bunch, thye would be over in no time -

they need to create a new reality tv show called "the o'keefe's" and base it on my life - that would be true reality. you could get to watch me change the tv stations, wash the car (not often enough for the wife's tastes), clean the ferret cage (actually, you would wacth the wife clean the cage and me take the credit for it) and feed leftovers to the rats - man, that would be kicking tv.


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