“where theology meets science”

that’s right, I’m jumping on board the cloning craze. So, it is with pride that I announce today that the scientists at the cloning arm of ginkworld.net “theo-clone” has successfully cloned a rat. Now, we need to make it clear, we will not make the daughter/self available for DNA testing, because of the religious beliefs of the parent/self. They believe that taking of blood violates their God created bodies, and they will not allow their blood to be used in “immoral scientific” testing.

We are proud of this fantastic human achievement. We at theo-clone have been beaming with the pride of a million fathers (mothers, brothers, sisters and second cousins). This is a red-letter day where we have moved to the realization that cloning is possible – over the next few weeks, we will be releasing photos of “spitfire” the first cloned rat. Our future cloning experiments will include the following:

Gold fish
Fruit flies
Frogs (tad-poles)

If you desire to have a small useless animal cloned, let us know – for the fee of $100,000.00 we will be happy to help


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