i'm not sure i understand humans. i mean, they say one thing and they do another. i hear humans talk about love and understanding, then turn around and do nothing about it. i hear people talk about helping the homeless, then they do nothing; they speak about helping the abused, and they do nothing; they speak about stoping the violance, then they do nothing - why? why do humans speak so much and yet do nothing? as a "higher" primate then i, as a punk monkey, you would think you could solve the problems - but you don't. you talk, but it's like a fart in the wind - it only smells for a short time, then it's gone. i see talk, but no action - no action.

now, before i get a ton of email telling me what others are doing and how they are helping, or how your church is helping, or how much money you send to help stop world hunger - how about this, you only email me if it is YOU who is doing (action does not include writing a check) and not just talking - i don't want to hear what your church is doing, i would love to hear what you are doing - i will give it a week, and at the end of this week i will tell you how many emails i get - remember, you can not tell me i am wrong if all you do is sit on the chair with your remote and complain about life, get involved - pm


i just got done watching a little on the "power puff girls" - and monkeys of the world unite - mojo is being seen as a evil, twisted monkey - he's not, maybe he's a bit off base - but not evil. as a punk minkey, i am calling all monkeys in the world to unite - mojo is so misunderstood. pm


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(it all has no meaning, i just have always like the waht microsoft uesed "non-words" in all there "pre-fab" stuff, i felt i would give it a shot - hope you like! - pm)


a short story from the gink:

one day, two women were talking about all this new technology that seems to be invading their lives, and was disrupting the family life. "oh, sure." the first women said, "my life is easier, to some degree, but it all seems so impersonal. besides, it's just ripping our family apart" "well," the swcond women relpied, "i would agree that it does seem impersonal to some degree and it can be disruptive to the family, my children love it and they seem to understand it all. for me, i'm lost with the all the wires, and 'thingies,' and tones. it seems like i have to learn everyting all over again, and that is scary."

"oh yes," said the first women, "my kids also love it all, all they do is sit at the sesk in the family room and they can visit places they have never been before and talk with people they do not even know, but it does seem so impersonal and it just seems to take the 'human' out of it all." "i agree," said the first women, "but maybe it's not for us to understand. maybe, just maybe, it's all a fad and will have no impact on our lives in the future. maybe, our kids will see the value of a good face to face conversation and leave all this technolongy behind, and get back to a simplier time."

"oh, i do hope so." said the second women. "all this talk about the telephone is driving me crazy - such an imperssonal way of communicating, it must be the tool of satan. what ever happend to a good old letter?"

- it may need some fine tuning, i wrote it on the quick this morning, but all in all it says what i think is truth - no past minded person can see the value of a future minded technology -



"desprite for changes, starving for truth"

no other line from a song, in recent memory, has said it all. this is what we as a postmodern people desire from the church. - pm


i have a new picture on ginkworld.net - i like it and many humans have said they like it also - one human said i looked "mad" - but, as a monkey it's just an expression - besides, we know to humans all monkeys look the same - be honest. after all, to us punk monkeys all humans look the same - you know, "hairless blobs of skin and a funny shape between your legs and arms" - they keep telling me that humans and primate share 98% of our dna - i guess it's the 2% that shows true evolution - well, don't worry. over the next 10,000 years humans just may develop that extra 2% and become equal with us punk monkeys - i know, it sounds crazy but who knows - right? - pm


life questions:

why do they call the stuff between your toes "toe jam;" can you put it on toast?

just something i've been wondering about


just a few things - first; i will be heading to the san fran/oakland area next month to speak with some of the guys with the four square church about planting a church in the area - which sounds very cool. if you know anything that you would like to share - email me, i'm all ears.

second - i posted my children's story under the punk monkey section of ginkworld.net - check it out.


i have been toying over the years with a child's book - actually a series of books. the main character is "isnot, the arenot, the worlds greatest adventurer" and he travels the world solving problems and helping people - via story. i have been praying over it for years, and one of the reasons i have never done anything with it is because, as artists go - i ain't one. i can write (or so i am told) but i can not draw - this i have been told by many people. but, next update on ginkworld.net i will be putting out for all to read one of the first stories i wrote for "isnot" and see what you think - let me know. this could be fun. blessings - pm


i was talking with a friend this morning and he told me somthing interesting - while trying to hook into ginkworld.net he put in "ginkworld.com" - and a porn site appeared. i am not sure how to handle it - what i am leaning towards is to pray for them and keep going - to be honest, i have no desire to quit - but i do have mixed emotions - and that's hard to deal with. so, ir you are telling your friends about ginkworld - remeber the ".NET" - it's important - i think this is going to be cool, we will get some of their wrong traffic and that will always bring blessings to God - keep us in your prayers and the devil is fast on our heels - we must be doing something right. blessings - pm


i have to tell you, i am having a hard time with this whole "radical islam" thing. killing for the sake of religion is wrong; it was, and is, wrong when christians do it, when jews do it, when islamics do it, when any one does it - it is wrong. any god that would require a follower to kill in their name is not a god, period. when i woke up this morning i read watched the news about the christian missionary that was killed, it's just wrong.

islamic radicals claim they want freedom, yet they take the freedom from others; they claim to want religious freedom, yet they refuse to allow others the same religious freedom; they claim to want to live in peace, yet they kidnap and kill people. how can any religion (christian included) claim to be for peace, and still cause so much hate? i have had friends say that in the 12th and 13th centries the christians did the same, and you are right (by the way so did the muslims - remember, it was an islamic/christian thing) - but this is the 21st centry, and these acts are unacceptable.

just my thoughts - pm


i know you can tune a piano, but how do you tune a fish? -


over the past few days i have been in dialog with a follower of islam. he lives in one of those countries where even owning a bible will get you killed. our conversations have focused on jesus, the cross and scripture. it has been a great experience, to see how islam sees christianity and jesus - but it has been an even greater experience for me in terms of seeing "modern evangelical christianity" as useless - well, maybe that's a bit harsh - not!

let me tell you what happened. in our conversations it came across that this individual viewed life with a "modern view" - meaning he wanted "imperical evidance" that christianity was what it said it was - and that jesus was who we claimed - so i turned to the "king of modern imperical evangelical" evidance and "demanded a verdict" - that's right, i punk monkey - the proclaimer of all things postmodern, of all things edgy, of all things in lace, turned to josh mcdowell for help - and did he let me down.

i visited his site to see if i could hook my new buddy up with something to help in his exploration - only to find that all www.josh.org is good for is spending money - minstry is defined by money, "the take," the big green buck - no place on his site was a copy, in amy form, of evidance - so, i needed to look in other places - and found them. but the experience left me cold - josh mcdowell is more interestred in money then in ministry - wow!! i would have emailed the minstry, but they had no email address on the site - no way of contacting anyone with questions or concerns - but they did have three ways to give. i called, and spoke with a really cool guy who actually cared about what i was saying - that was great - but the experience was not.

it seems we have gotten to a point in our walk with christ where we are becoming "money exchangers." we are concern with copy rights, money and who gets credit for what that we have forgotten that God is the one we follow - God is in control of our ministry and our lives. mcdowell ministreis missed a great opportunity to share trhe gospel with a person who needs to hear the message, but a desire for money too place over a desire to minister - it's sad.


today i had an interesting exchange with a friend, tim bednar (e-church) and it centered on the idea that not only did many postmodern churches loss their edge, they also lost site of why they went on line in the first place - they lost site of ministry, of sharing the message of jesus christ, of a knowing and lasting relationship with a living God - what happened? i'm not sure. could it be money? power? image? could it be we have become so filled with our own self-worth that we forgot what it's all about? could it be we have become so impresses with our own writings, that we forgot who truly is "The Word of God?"

i'm still processing the idea that we are "not ministering to people" as a postmodern community. but the more i think about it, the deeper i get into the idea that we are not ministering - we say we are, and we may even put together motions that seem like we are - but are we? i can not say what is happening behind the computers at the other ministry sites, but at ginkworld we have been asking that very question - that's why when tim asked, it sounded so right and pure - we are looking over all we do to see if we are short of our stated desires - to minister to this generation. if we are short of that desire, we need to change and bring back the heart of ministry - one step is to bring back the "daily message" in blog format - we ask all who consider ginkworld as part of their community to keep us open, on task and honest in our walk - pastor john


slugs, i need slugs - fat ones, skinny one, ones that climb on rock, blue ones, green ones, even ones with tribouliear disfusional displacement of the central limph glads in a hyperspace time fracture - slugs, all kinds of punk monkeys love slugs - pm


well, they let me out of my cage to update ginkworld - it's up and running - now, i'm back in my cage - me, my buzzer and my toy cat (at least i think it's a toy, it's not moving). i was asked to share an experience with you about a thing with some slugs - i'm not sure, all i want is my toy cat - i hope! [pm]