i'm not sure i understand humans. i mean, they say one thing and they do another. i hear humans talk about love and understanding, then turn around and do nothing about it. i hear people talk about helping the homeless, then they do nothing; they speak about helping the abused, and they do nothing; they speak about stoping the violance, then they do nothing - why? why do humans speak so much and yet do nothing? as a "higher" primate then i, as a punk monkey, you would think you could solve the problems - but you don't. you talk, but it's like a fart in the wind - it only smells for a short time, then it's gone. i see talk, but no action - no action.

now, before i get a ton of email telling me what others are doing and how they are helping, or how your church is helping, or how much money you send to help stop world hunger - how about this, you only email me if it is YOU who is doing (action does not include writing a check) and not just talking - i don't want to hear what your church is doing, i would love to hear what you are doing - i will give it a week, and at the end of this week i will tell you how many emails i get - remember, you can not tell me i am wrong if all you do is sit on the chair with your remote and complain about life, get involved - pm

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