a short story from the gink:

one day, two women were talking about all this new technology that seems to be invading their lives, and was disrupting the family life. "oh, sure." the first women said, "my life is easier, to some degree, but it all seems so impersonal. besides, it's just ripping our family apart" "well," the swcond women relpied, "i would agree that it does seem impersonal to some degree and it can be disruptive to the family, my children love it and they seem to understand it all. for me, i'm lost with the all the wires, and 'thingies,' and tones. it seems like i have to learn everyting all over again, and that is scary."

"oh yes," said the first women, "my kids also love it all, all they do is sit at the sesk in the family room and they can visit places they have never been before and talk with people they do not even know, but it does seem so impersonal and it just seems to take the 'human' out of it all." "i agree," said the first women, "but maybe it's not for us to understand. maybe, just maybe, it's all a fad and will have no impact on our lives in the future. maybe, our kids will see the value of a good face to face conversation and leave all this technolongy behind, and get back to a simplier time."

"oh, i do hope so." said the second women. "all this talk about the telephone is driving me crazy - such an imperssonal way of communicating, it must be the tool of satan. what ever happend to a good old letter?"

- it may need some fine tuning, i wrote it on the quick this morning, but all in all it says what i think is truth - no past minded person can see the value of a future minded technology -


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