i have to tell you, i am having a hard time with this whole "radical islam" thing. killing for the sake of religion is wrong; it was, and is, wrong when christians do it, when jews do it, when islamics do it, when any one does it - it is wrong. any god that would require a follower to kill in their name is not a god, period. when i woke up this morning i read watched the news about the christian missionary that was killed, it's just wrong.

islamic radicals claim they want freedom, yet they take the freedom from others; they claim to want religious freedom, yet they refuse to allow others the same religious freedom; they claim to want to live in peace, yet they kidnap and kill people. how can any religion (christian included) claim to be for peace, and still cause so much hate? i have had friends say that in the 12th and 13th centries the christians did the same, and you are right (by the way so did the muslims - remember, it was an islamic/christian thing) - but this is the 21st centry, and these acts are unacceptable.

just my thoughts - pm

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