ginkworld.net launched a new look on this update - we know you will like it - we have recieved over 300 emails from people all over saying that the new look is great. check it out and surf around. let us know what you think. we have also developed a new logo (God we love change) and we think it's very cool ( [+] with the word "ginkworld.net" under it ) and very simple - and we like both cool and simple - pax, punk monkey

here's what i want when i die - i want a politial raly, but only lower primates can attend. i was going to invite the democrate, but i don't have enough money; i was going to invite the republican, but then again i want my death to be a party; i was going to invite the green party, but they would fight over how to dispose of my body; i was going to invite the independants, but they seemed a bit to wacky for even this punk monkey - so, lower primates it is.

i feel this is important because it allows me the opportunity to express my true nature without expense. primates are easy to care for - a few slices of fruit and a diaper and the world looks good to us. we are happy, we can have a raly for the dead without booing, cheering or in anyway making it look like we are being exclusive - other animals could come, but hot humans. what we find interesting about humans is even when they agree, they still have to brake into little groups and fight - crazy humans. and they claim to be a higher primate, go figure.


a good friend emailed me this little site insightlearning.com and it is a kicker. it tells you the kind of person you are via a color - i am "orange" which means i am active, adventurous, enthusiastic, courageous, flamboyant, bold, optimistic, open-minded, effective, charismatic, skillful, spontaneous, competitive, persuasive, charming, generous, mechanical, flexible, exciting, daring. now i have to admit, this is kinda like my theroy on reincarnation - it's all the good things; ever notice that no one ever claims a past like of a one-legged begger who killed pets and eat the left-over slim of a blue pointy slug. everyone who claims past lives always claims to be a king, or a queen, or a great warrior -

the problem for me is this - being orange does not tell me that i can be a large pain in the ass, bossy, annoying, in your face, twisted, off center, impatient, and most of all - wrong more times then right. when ever we take these thing we need to take them with a grain of salt - a few years back i took an IQ test and scored in the 140's (that means i score in the top 1-2% of "smart people") and my older cousin looked me in the eye and said, "you may be smart, but i can still kick your ass." - puts it all in place.



we have been getting a ton of email from people saying they like the new to ginkworld.net - thanks. if youi have a suggestion, or an idea - let us know we are looking for new things all the time -

pastor john


we hope you like the new look - we think it's great. it should load faster, about three to four times faster then the old page - and it should be easier to move around. if you notice we did some changing. the first think we changed is we got rid of the "rotten fish" and replaced it with a "fresh fish award." we did this because we felt that to many of us want to dwell on the bad, and we have decided to look for trhe good - not the bad of the modern, but the good in the postmodern - that is where our hearts need to be. second, we took many of the boxes and moved them into that little "scrolling menu" on the side. we did this for space and loadabilitity.

we hope you like the new look - let us know by hitting our message board.



ok - i get it. several people emailed me to let me know that they were not pleases with the new index page look - the opening page. they liked the connective pages, but not the index page - and i got the message. on the next update we will have a new look to the front page of ginkwotrld.net. let me share with you why we keep redesigning -


10. we get bored, and creative minds that get bored find strange ways of expression
9. we have flash backs to when food was hard to find, and we eat anything left over in the frig - no matter the color, or the "hair."
8. we get paid a stupid amount of money to design the sight - not really, we do it all fro free.
7. we have found that the keyboard is a better place for our fingers then our nose
6. we have found that the keyboard is a better place for our friends fingers then our nose
5. small semi-intellegent mamals from another dimention have taken over our minds and find this a way of sharing their evil plan to control the world.
4. we can't think of a fourth reason, so we are just typing trying to look impressive.
3. we have issues, large issues steming from certian family relationships
2. because we can!

and the number one reason we redesigned ginkworld.net - what redesign?


if you are like me, "napster rulz and larz drulz" - i got a kick out of larz (the drummer of a "has-been" group called metallica) ulrich stance against napster - he actually blamed napster for the fall in metallica record sales, never once seeing the truth, his band is old hat and outdated - people are not buying the records because the music sucks - come on, a metallic is now played in elevators and 7-11's. anyway - you got to read this article in the onion - you'll love it.

"If this radio trend continues, it will severely damage a musician's ability to earn a living off his music," Frackman said. "[Metallica drummer] Lars Ulrich stopped in the other day wondering why his last royalty check was so small, and I didn't know what to say. How do you tell a man who's devoted his whole life to his music that someone is able to just give it away for free? That pirates are taking away his right to support himself with his craft?" more

this is great -


i got an email from a friend, david trotter - co-founder of the ooze - and it's a kick - like most of us, david is sattled with a bit of debt - student loans - about $40,000 in student loans - i have him beat by $15,000 (my total is $55,000) - anyway enough with the "mines bigger then yours" thing -

what daivd has done is great - he has created a new web site to help with his loans - it's a place where you can give and help "pay down the debt" - hey, give the guy a buck - and while your at it - toss some this way.


ok - this punk monkey is officially pissed. that's right, this "anti-war, tree hugging, freedom loving" punk monkey if officially pissed-off. let me see if i get this - because of this new thing called "homeland security" ("HS" - formaly know as the "SS") people can be arrested for just walking by a protest? this is too much - way too much. thanks daniel for sending me the story.

well, i have made my stand in faith - "war is against all of christ's teachings and no person may take the life of another for any reason" (and it's ok if you disagree with me) - so, i guess i am now added to the list of voices who disagree with the goverment - and i am certian some will tag me a enemy of the state - and that's ok - just make sure you also tage me "one of those crazy christians that actually believe peace and love is better them fear and war" people.


hey all. i got a email from steve beard over at "thunderstruck" with an article he wrote for the Washington Times on rock and divorce. it's a great article and we worth the read -


oh yea, i can't believe my luck. for a long time nothing seemed to be going right for me - being a new punk monkey i have tried to get this "punk monkey" thing down but just have been having a hard time - then i got an email today that changed my life - what luck. i could kick myself a million times and still feel good about what happened. it's great - I WON A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS - man, this is great - two days and three nights. this is the greatest thing ever.......wait.......i live in las vegas.......never mind.


it been forever between this and my last post - well, not "forever" in a "real" term, more in a "i don't want to do the math so i will say forever to keep it simple" kind of way. yea, that's the way i like it - simple and basic - not really, but it goes with the rest of the post (i am trying to work a theme here, but it's just not working for me, so...) if you are here, you may have come via ginkworld.net - and noticed that the site has changed (again) - it seems to be a thing with this human called pastor john - he likes change - all he keeps telling people is "change is good" or "change means growth" - it can drive some crazy - and it has. but one thing is for sure - it's exciting to see how "change" can effect the hearts and minds of other humans - the blood starts pumping and soon - they are alive and running, and they life it - anyway.

i hope you like the new look - not all the pages have been changed, that will take a few weeks to accomplish. enjoy and let that freaky human know what you think about the new look - pm