it been forever between this and my last post - well, not "forever" in a "real" term, more in a "i don't want to do the math so i will say forever to keep it simple" kind of way. yea, that's the way i like it - simple and basic - not really, but it goes with the rest of the post (i am trying to work a theme here, but it's just not working for me, so...) if you are here, you may have come via ginkworld.net - and noticed that the site has changed (again) - it seems to be a thing with this human called pastor john - he likes change - all he keeps telling people is "change is good" or "change means growth" - it can drive some crazy - and it has. but one thing is for sure - it's exciting to see how "change" can effect the hearts and minds of other humans - the blood starts pumping and soon - they are alive and running, and they life it - anyway.

i hope you like the new look - not all the pages have been changed, that will take a few weeks to accomplish. enjoy and let that freaky human know what you think about the new look - pm

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