ok - this punk monkey is officially pissed. that's right, this "anti-war, tree hugging, freedom loving" punk monkey if officially pissed-off. let me see if i get this - because of this new thing called "homeland security" ("HS" - formaly know as the "SS") people can be arrested for just walking by a protest? this is too much - way too much. thanks daniel for sending me the story.

well, i have made my stand in faith - "war is against all of christ's teachings and no person may take the life of another for any reason" (and it's ok if you disagree with me) - so, i guess i am now added to the list of voices who disagree with the goverment - and i am certian some will tag me a enemy of the state - and that's ok - just make sure you also tage me "one of those crazy christians that actually believe peace and love is better them fear and war" people.

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