a good friend emailed me this little site insightlearning.com and it is a kicker. it tells you the kind of person you are via a color - i am "orange" which means i am active, adventurous, enthusiastic, courageous, flamboyant, bold, optimistic, open-minded, effective, charismatic, skillful, spontaneous, competitive, persuasive, charming, generous, mechanical, flexible, exciting, daring. now i have to admit, this is kinda like my theroy on reincarnation - it's all the good things; ever notice that no one ever claims a past like of a one-legged begger who killed pets and eat the left-over slim of a blue pointy slug. everyone who claims past lives always claims to be a king, or a queen, or a great warrior -

the problem for me is this - being orange does not tell me that i can be a large pain in the ass, bossy, annoying, in your face, twisted, off center, impatient, and most of all - wrong more times then right. when ever we take these thing we need to take them with a grain of salt - a few years back i took an IQ test and scored in the 140's (that means i score in the top 1-2% of "smart people") and my older cousin looked me in the eye and said, "you may be smart, but i can still kick your ass." - puts it all in place.


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