here's what i want when i die - i want a politial raly, but only lower primates can attend. i was going to invite the democrate, but i don't have enough money; i was going to invite the republican, but then again i want my death to be a party; i was going to invite the green party, but they would fight over how to dispose of my body; i was going to invite the independants, but they seemed a bit to wacky for even this punk monkey - so, lower primates it is.

i feel this is important because it allows me the opportunity to express my true nature without expense. primates are easy to care for - a few slices of fruit and a diaper and the world looks good to us. we are happy, we can have a raly for the dead without booing, cheering or in anyway making it look like we are being exclusive - other animals could come, but hot humans. what we find interesting about humans is even when they agree, they still have to brake into little groups and fight - crazy humans. and they claim to be a higher primate, go figure.

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