ok - i get it. several people emailed me to let me know that they were not pleases with the new index page look - the opening page. they liked the connective pages, but not the index page - and i got the message. on the next update we will have a new look to the front page of ginkwotrld.net. let me share with you why we keep redesigning -


10. we get bored, and creative minds that get bored find strange ways of expression
9. we have flash backs to when food was hard to find, and we eat anything left over in the frig - no matter the color, or the "hair."
8. we get paid a stupid amount of money to design the sight - not really, we do it all fro free.
7. we have found that the keyboard is a better place for our fingers then our nose
6. we have found that the keyboard is a better place for our friends fingers then our nose
5. small semi-intellegent mamals from another dimention have taken over our minds and find this a way of sharing their evil plan to control the world.
4. we can't think of a fourth reason, so we are just typing trying to look impressive.
3. we have issues, large issues steming from certian family relationships
2. because we can!

and the number one reason we redesigned ginkworld.net - what redesign?

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