i have been writing a ton of poetry as of late. people have expressed a desire for me to post more - but much of it is deeply personal and that makes posting it hard, but not impossible. i will be searching my spirit and will post on ginkworld.net poems as i believe God is leading - but remember, i warned you ;-)


hey - we did some magic with some graphics on ginkworld.net - tell me what you think. pastor john as morhpeus - pretty cool.


RULE ONE: no person over 250lbs whose stomic is larger the their chest may not wear a speedo - no exceptions, no excuses - it's not an official law in the domain of ginkworld.net - it's not sexy, no matter what they tell you - and ir is just wrong - plain wrong.



ok - i think i figured it out. it seems that as people "develop" in faith they get lost in the laws, and blind to the grace. it seems that the rightous are harmed more by thier righousness, then a sinner is harmed by their sin - given that, i wounder hos do we bring people back from the edge of thinking they got it right - and everyone else got it wrong. how do we move ahead in faith, and bring the love of Christ to others when we do not love them ourselves? it is amazing how it all just falls into place - go figure.

ps - it's summer time, the pool is filled and the punkster will be posting watchings of those who enjoy the summer heat -