hey all - i got this idea from my new friend spencer over at the ooze - and it is the collest thing ever - it's a "photo blog" - man this rocks. you can create your our by going to fotolog.net this is a great and powerful tool - and it is great for guys like me who can't spell to save their lives - bu i am getting better, i think ;-0 - my personal fotoblog is found at: ginkworld's foto-blog - and for those who have been wondering what i look like - you can go and see for yourself - hopefully over time i will be posting pics of those i love - family, friends and others - on this site - you will get to see the birth of a new on this for me as i move ahead in God's love and blessings -



remember the old tina turner song "what's love got to do with it?" i do, and for a long time i asked myself that very question. then i relaized that love has a great deal to do with it all - everything.

i am a romantic - i write poetry (mostly love) and i am a sucker for love - i fall in love easy, and it is hard for me to fall out. i like love, and everything that goes with it - the ups, downs, the crazy and the sain - i just like love. so, i think love has a great deal to do with everything - and it is not a "second hand emotion" - but it is the first gift from God to us all.




i like pets - i do. one of the biggest bummers that happened over the past few weeks was the death of my pet farret - jnco - he was great. we had him for seven years and he was the best animal i ever shared my life with - i loved that little creature. well, my daughter seemed to have taken my twisted view of pets to heart - and now we have nine rats - and more on the way.

did you see the movie "willard?" well, i am in the process of having my daughter's name changed to "willard." she takes them to the park and they follow her around - do what ever she wants - and i think it's cool.

two weeks ago she found a sparrow falled from it's nest - a very young sparrow - so she took it in, and mothered it back to health. now we have a sparrow flying around the living room. it would not bug me so much if it had any kind of "contol" - but birds will be birds ;-)

i am glad my daughter has taken a love for God creatures - and she does love them all - but the biggest problem i am having is, "how do you get bird poop out of a futon cover?"



over the past few months i have gone through some major life changes. most of them dealing with my emotional life; these changes have also effected my body. about four months ago i decided to "get into shape" - meaning i am spending five days a week at the gym - and it seems to be working, which is all very cool - i lost 80lbs, increased my chest to 50' and decreased my waiste to 36' (heading to 34' fast) and i feel much better about a lot of things - and that is all cool - but there is a down side to all this also - if you thought strangly dressed people hang at the pool or the beach - you never saw a stranger group then at the gym. i use to make fun of them - untill i realized i was one of those who dressed funny ;-) now, i just smile and look weird as i grunt and lift wieghts - maybe style comes later.



ok, i'll be the first to admit that i have not been blogging like i use to. and to be honest, i don't know why - actually, that's not true - i do know why - it's because i have been lazy. yea, i have been sittinf on my duff and just have not been able to put my mind to the blog - but i think i have covered that with a new desire to keep you filled in on the daily happenings of a punk monkey - so, i will be blogginf more now - and i will be shring with you some pretty twisted stuff - hold on to your hats, the ride should be fun



i like peas