over the past few months i have gone through some major life changes. most of them dealing with my emotional life; these changes have also effected my body. about four months ago i decided to "get into shape" - meaning i am spending five days a week at the gym - and it seems to be working, which is all very cool - i lost 80lbs, increased my chest to 50' and decreased my waiste to 36' (heading to 34' fast) and i feel much better about a lot of things - and that is all cool - but there is a down side to all this also - if you thought strangly dressed people hang at the pool or the beach - you never saw a stranger group then at the gym. i use to make fun of them - untill i realized i was one of those who dressed funny ;-) now, i just smile and look weird as i grunt and lift wieghts - maybe style comes later.


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