elections are getting closer. i have been watching the local races with some interest and have come to the conclusion that "no one is worth voting for." from watching the ads i have determined that (according to the ads they run against each other) all are liars, cheats, want to give us higher taxes, want to cause our children to suffer, waht our elderly to live in the streets, have no heart for the hurting in our area, are concerned with moeny, are greedy executives, want to kill all the little woodland creatures hopping in our woodlands - oh, my God.... none of them is worth voting for.

i was talking with a human friend about this little problem i have been having with this whole "vote for the best person" thing. she told me to "pick the people who was the lesser of the two evils." i can't do that! if i do, i still select evil - whether it is "the lesser" or not. what is a punk monkey to do? i asked her about all the ads, where each side said the other side were out to reck the world. she assured me that both sides lied about the other - what? if both sides lie, and both sides are saying bad things about the others, then both sides are basicly good. but if they were basicly good, why would they knowingly lie about the other side?

my friend told me that while the system is not perfect, it is the best system in the world - i'm not sure i agree.

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