well, it's been five days from my last post - and church people still suck! let me share with you thins little story:

my wife use to work at the local christian bookstore - untill this week - last week a pastor came in durring a big "everthing in the store 25% off" sale. my wife told him that in connection with his "pastors discount" he could save a great deal of money - he was excited. he came to the front with a bunch of stuff, all church supplies. my wife explained that the pastors discount could only be used for personal items and not church supplies - which has always been the case - but the pastor refused to accept it and started to insult my wife (i was not there, or there would be one less pastor in the world). my wife said that she could not give him the pastors discount on church supplies or she could lose her job - to which he replied, "i don't give a shit if you get fired. i wnat the discount you said i could get." then he demaned to see the manager. when the manager came, he gave the pastor - who at this time was even more insulting - the discount on the church supplies. the pastor looked at my wifer and said, "see, this is how you treat people, you give them what they want."

it's no wonder people are leaving the church with pastors like this -


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