ok, so it's been awhile from my last post - and no i did not fall off the face of the planet - i did have an awakening: chrurch people suck, big time suck. now, notice i did not say "christians" - i said "church people" - you know who they are, there the ones who like to play church and pretend to be people who love and care - only to spit on you and stab you in the back, church people. man, oh man, have i run into many of them this past few weeks, no wait months - no, years - oh heck, i keep running into them and they keep pissing me off. pastors who think their poop don't stink; leaders who believe they can say what they want and act as they like - all in the name of christ. one thing is for certian, i have found more people i like, trust and who care at bars then at churches - no wonder churches are dying and bars are growing - man we need to get real and get changed or this thing we call church will fade away into the night -

i have said it before that the church can close it's doors - it is not protected and it is not the "againt the gates of hell" standing it has been giving - the only thing that can never stand against the gates of hell is the truth that jesus is the christ - the church is fair game.

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