today i had an interesting exchange with a friend, tim bednar (e-church) and it centered on the idea that not only did many postmodern churches loss their edge, they also lost site of why they went on line in the first place - they lost site of ministry, of sharing the message of jesus christ, of a knowing and lasting relationship with a living God - what happened? i'm not sure. could it be money? power? image? could it be we have become so filled with our own self-worth that we forgot what it's all about? could it be we have become so impresses with our own writings, that we forgot who truly is "The Word of God?"

i'm still processing the idea that we are "not ministering to people" as a postmodern community. but the more i think about it, the deeper i get into the idea that we are not ministering - we say we are, and we may even put together motions that seem like we are - but are we? i can not say what is happening behind the computers at the other ministry sites, but at ginkworld we have been asking that very question - that's why when tim asked, it sounded so right and pure - we are looking over all we do to see if we are short of our stated desires - to minister to this generation. if we are short of that desire, we need to change and bring back the heart of ministry - one step is to bring back the "daily message" in blog format - we ask all who consider ginkworld as part of their community to keep us open, on task and honest in our walk - pastor john

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