i was looking at the "new christian business directory" today - the 2002 edition - and started to wonder. now, i will admit it can be something to run and hide from, when i start to wonder. but here it is - as i looked over all the business, they all have "crosses" or "fish" (the think kind), and "doves." as i was looking i found some interesting facts - here they are:

1. 95% of all the business' in the christian directory do not have any christian signs on their ads in the "yellow pages." i found it intersting that these companies, and people, who felt this strong desire to place a cross on their christian directory page had no passion for their faith in the "secular" pages.
2. while i did not call all business' in the christian directory, i do know one guy who placed an ad - and he is not a believer. he placed his ad in it because he felt it was a "good market" to get connected too - when i approached the publishers of the directory and asked how this could be - the answer was, "they have to sign a document saying they are christian." my friend signed, and he did not care - he's a non-believer and the signing has no meaning.
3. churches in the directory are confused - the largest section is the "nondenominational" section and a great many of them are connected to a denomination.

we need to be a people of honesty and be an above the board people. (pastor john)

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