i was watching the tv the other day when one of the reporters asked a very interesting question. one reporter looked at one of the "experts" dealing with the smart kidnapping and asked, "what have we learned from this whole experience?" the expert then gave a list of things learned. let me share with you what i think i have learned:

1. if you are a rich white person with friends who are politically connected, you will be able to have all the help you need to find your child. but, if you are a poor black family with no political power, you get crap from the fbi, or any of the tv networks.
2. if you are looking for a suspect, blame as many people as possible, toss enough garbage so some may stick, and get toothless people who live next door to say how "strange" you are.
3. people who claim to be "experts" get ticked-off when they are not allowed to control the feeding frenzy -
4. let's not worry about law, let's blame and convict on tv, this way we spare the country of that messy little thing some like to call a "trial."

if ever we see the way we are treating missing children and race - take a look at this one - God forgive us for our sins. (pm)

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