over the past few weeks i have been dealing with mixed emotions on the whole "corp" thing. now, i will admit that i am not a big lover of large corporations, and i am not a lover of people who make more money then the national income of most small countries. but if we are to truly say that one is bad, we must not close the door on the others - corporations are greedy, but so are most (if not all) pro-sports people and politians. politians do not return calls unless you are rich and companies do not care about you as a person. one live changing relaity for me came with my "juno" account.

i had juno as my internet provider, and i did not have the "free" juno - i paid $120.00 a year for juno. recently i had the misfortune to use their tech support and customer service - and i have to say, i am no longer a juno customer - like most "big" business, juno and net zero, have become closed to the needs of the people they serve - they see us as simply ways to increase the bottom line. tech support people who say "we don't care" and customer support people who are willing to close your account without trying to solve any problems. companies are use to the "80's" and a life that all they wanted - even by lying - and so they figure the custome base is a never ending pool of "suckers" - well, the pool is drying up. greed and want will be the end of all companies in this world - if you do not care about the people you serve, don't go into bussiness -

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