well, we made it back from san fran/oakland all right. very cool, very powerful and very open to God - we had a great time and are praying over if this is the place God is leading - who knows, in time - but one thing happened that i felt i must share with you all. as we were coming out of barstow heading north on 15 it happened - the beatles "all the lonly people" started to play on the radio - one of those "highway radio stations" that play "oldies" (i can still remember my amazement when i learned that paul mccarthy was in a band before wings). that's when ity hit me - 150 miles from vegas and the cars were backing-up heading to ca - man, is this world filled with lonly people. cars, upon cars, upon cars with just one person in the car - it was amazing and it seemed so lonly - as the song played i just watched as the people just sat in their cars coming from a weekend in vegas where for just a short time in their lives they felt wanted - at least for one night.

picture how badly these people in God in their lives - and picture how little the church is doing to help them find him. i was speaking with a friend this weekend and this fact came to life - church attendance has droped back to pre 911 numbers. why? because when people came to church to find God, they did not see him, feel him or in anyway meet with the life changing truth we call God - pastor john

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