flamehead - our living logo - has decided to create a new "page" on ginkworld.net. while we are not as creative with "catchy names" - after all we call the section where we ask severn questions of church leaders, "seven questions" that shoud prove we are "creativly challanged" - we are calling page "flamehead's stupid award." each month we will be giving our an "award" (we are cheap and have not 'actual' award) to some company, person, church or organization that has done something so stupid it just can't go unrewarded - we are in the process of determining who will be the reciever of the first award - we have a few runners and could always take more. if you know of a person, organization or company that should recieve flamehead's "stuipd award" let us know - and if you can think of a better name we are cool with that also - pm

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