i have this new bug crawling around and here it is - "it is not our place to make leaders." sorry maxwell, but it is not the responsibility of the church, the pastors, or any other christian organization to develop leaders - i know, that is so "anti-modern." it is simply our place to develop disciples, God brings to light the leaders. wow, what a concept - we develop disciples and God develops leaders. churches that are dalling apart are concerned with making leaders - but before a person can lead, they must be a disciple. churches are filled with egos, bosses, and silly little men who have no "power" in "the real world" so they "steal" control in the church. disciples have a heart for jesus, leaders have a heart to control; disciples have a heart for others, leaders only see what is best for themselves.

i will admit, this is still in process - but it is something i feel is truth in my heart and will be my new bug for a while - make disciples, not leaders. - pm

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