i ranted this on ::seven:: so i am reposting it here - because it's always safer to rant at home.

i've been wondering today - how does one see God through all the crap? no, i'm not talking about "life problems" - i'm talking about the politics, the gossip, the mean spirited, the crap - the crap that fills our churches and turns them into toilets - i have had enough of the "we're only human" argument. too many of us discount our "sinful" nature and just live with it - yet we are "transformed" by a relationship with jesus - well, if transforming is simply seen as "wet humans" - count me out. my relationship with jesus changed my heart - i see no need for war, i find it hurtful when people insult others, i think it is wrong to make people second class based on gender or color, i hate the taking of all human life, i am hurt by those who think christianity is simply a country club that you go to once a week - and then cheat the plate for the dues. i am appauled at the "indifference" (which is the opposite of love) to the problems of this world, and fid it easy to simply write a check to solve the problem - you know, check 1034 dinner at Poa, check 1035 "church," check 1036 hair dresser - let's stop talking and start doing -

john -

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