one day, while on patrol, a young officer saw an elderly couple in front of him driving "all over the road." the couple were driving on both sides of the road; bouncing off mailboxes, trees, parked cars. they caused a number of cars to run off the road and caused many accidents. but, they keep driving. the officer pulled them over. the officer said, "did you know you were driving all over the road?" the elderly man replied, "yes, but this is my car. my family helped build this road and we paid for the white lines to be painted." the officer said, "i understand all that, and that is good, but you were driving without looking forward; you kept looking in the rearview, why?" the man replied, "i like looking were we've been. our trip home is short and the one we just took is long, so we wanted to keep looking were we've been"

think about it - pm

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