tv is at an end. within the next 10 to 15 years tv, as we know it today, will be gone - dead in the water. and why, you ask? simple. it's because tv people just don't get it - they are out of the picture - here's a few quotes i picke off of ginkworld's "spiritual news" section -

it all centers on the "ad-skipping" technology that would have been avaible to us - the people who count -

"Ad skipping technology, they contend, threatens the entire economic model upon which television is based." - dah. so, the answert to this is force feed people tv ads - even after tech can stop it all.

"In an interview with Cable World in its April 29 edition, Turner Broadcasting Chairman and CEO Jamie Kellner, whose company is owned by AOL Time Warner, took direct aim at devices that allow viewers to strip advertising content from programming in real time, going so far as to suggest that doing so amounted to breach of contract on the part of a viewer. He told fellow programmers at the show they were "crazy" if they weren't looking at ways to deal with the issue."

just wondering - did any of you sign a contract that said we had to watch their crap? = pm

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