well, i'm back and ready to move on. it was hard, and still is, but i believe life goes on - so i go on. how is everyone? how's the wife? the kids? the hubby? are things going great, or what? me, things are moveing along. i would have thought when i strarted this thing that i had more to say - but as you can tell, this is rambling - just plain "fill the page with ramdon thoughts" and pray no one notices - you haven't noticed, have you? i hope not - it's just me, a dark room, a key board and too much time on my hands - at least i hope that is "tyme on my hands" - it's hard for me to tell one spice from another - well, i think i rambled enough - untill next ramble - remember, life is a connection of rambles. sometimes we see them as good, sometimes bad - but all the time we need to see them as "life" - because we are called to live our life by christ - not judge the way others live theirs. - on the peaceful side of life, punk monkey

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