another wonderful day here in Vegas - sun is shining, it's about 80 something and the bike is ready to run - the open road, the wind in my hair - i do wear a head gear, but i am a monkey, i have hair all over my body (and no, i do not ride nude - at least not all the time.) . the pool is open at the complex, and the water is warm enough to jump in. over the weekend i spent time at the pool, while others burn or tan, my hair gets lighter - i "go blond." so it will begin, the "punk monkey blond jokes" - like "how many blond punk monkies does it take to screw in a light bulb? - none, they never notice the lights out." my personl fav, "how do you get 50 blond punk monkies into a vw bug? - toss in a banana." "how do you get then out? - toss in a bar of soap." yes, it is now open season on the blond punk monkey jokes - but they can be very funny - if you have one, send it to me and we will post them - punk_monkey@ginkworld.net - pm

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