vent, vent, vent - - well, another tech problem - we switched hosting companies and we are hitting a bit of a wall on the email at ginkworld.net - but we think our new hosting company ( www.lasvegaswebhosting.com ) is on the case and getting it fixed. it's a code thing (some MX code thingy needs to be switched to some thingy or another - i'm a punk monkey, not a tech guy - but the owner of the new hosting company is a great guy, and we think he is right on top of it all - what we see taking just a few more hours whould have taken days with our old company (core.com - voyager.com).

i am going to my room and eat a large bowl of fruit (not the bowl, just the fruit) and pick fleas off my body untill all this is fixed - "on, the primate of it all"

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