another day, another $0.25 - i got a raise. with all the crap going down in the middle east, it makes me wonder - and maybe you can help me with this:

if humans are so smart, why do they act so stupid?
if God is a God of peace, why humans seek war?
if God is a God of love, why do humans seek hate?
if God is a God of forgiveness, they do humans hold on to the pain?
if humans claim to follow, and believe in, God, why are they walking away from His teachings?

as a punk monkey i have been watching this whole "middle east crisis" and i just think the whole thing is just stupid. why kill each other over land? as i watch, i see the childishness of the whole thing - "he took my ball! - no, you took my ball first." (grow-up) yet i have seen no single human, no single human, step to the plate and say this whole this is just stupid - so it takes a punk monkey. all i see are diplomats talking garbage and demanding that people "pull-out" - what i think these human leaders need is a good spanking - someone needs to pull down their pants and smack them all with a wooden-spoon in front of all their friends. here is what i think, as a punk monkey, needs to be done -

1. take away all their toys.
2. send them to bed without dinner - and no ice cream for any of them.
3. spank them in front of their friends.
4. ground them for a least a year, and no tv
5. put them each in a room with the mothers of murdered teens from the other side
6. take away their car keys - no driving for you mister leader.
7. they all need to stand before the class and say they are sorry for all they did.
8. they need to write a three page paper telling us about three people who died from the other side (a page is front and back)

while these may seem childish - remember, so are their actions.

what i think would work with humans is this - each side can select 10 mothers who have lost children in the fighting. these mothers can come together and find a way to peace. the only problem i see with this plan is that the big bad human males will not allow it, because it takes their joy of killing away and puts the control in the hands of moms. - pm

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